Going towards the end of the Obama Era

by Matteo Meloni

Twitter: @melonimatteo

In 2008 the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were at the highest point of cruelty, and the economic crisis was spreading all over the world. George W. Bush, at the end of the presidential mandate, and his staff – Cheney, Rice and Rumsfield – were not able to manage the tasks they were given: a public debt growing because of the military expenditures, Osama Bin Laden still alive, an high unemployment rate.

1Barack H. Obama, after months of tough campaign, was appointed as the leader of the Democratic Party, endorsed by the most important figures among the democrats (e.g. Ted Kennedy): in the last democratic convention in 2008, Hillary Clinton decided to withdrawn from the race to the leadership of the party, giving her support to the young black senator.

With fresh ideas and strong beliefs, Obama gained consensus among the poorest and the middle-class citizens, reaching the victory in November, 2008. In his first speech, Obama promised to shape an egalitarian America, with no differentiations between races or social classes, the reform of the health-care system, and no more “boots on the ground”: all the troops from Afghanistan and Iraq had to come back home. The international community looked at the new president with hope; the republican rhetoric “with us or against us” was ended, and Obama started to spread a different message: “we have to reach a global peace, we need a world without nuclear weapons”.

In 2009 the president was rewarded with the Nobel Prize for Peace, “for his strength in 3
order to reach an agreement on nuclear weapons”. In the first mandate, Obama put all the efforts in significant reforms of the financial system, of the public sector, and important social issues as the same-sex marriages. With Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, the Obama cabinet pushed for the reform of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), struggled for a global governance of the world through the inter-governmental institutions, United Nations in primis, and enriched economic ties with the new capitalistic China, member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The death of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan was cheered bipartisan by the members of the Grand Old Party and among the democrats.

In 2012, Obama run for the second term: his renewed victory was seen as a support of the voters to his policies. In his last mandate, the first black president of the United States has already scored important goals: thanks to the reform of the health system (Medicare and 2Medicaid) a huge number of citizens can have an health insurance; the unemployed rate has drastically decreased (now it is around the 7%) with more than 6 million jobs created under Obama administration (with George W. Bush, this number was around 3 million), and an economic growth that is expected, for this year, of 3%; there are no more American contingents in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In six years, Obama has followed the right direction in topics as human rights, economy, public sector. Although the promise to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan and Iraq was been accomplished, this remains – especially for the country of the Middle East – a big mistake. In these years, a new – and bigger – enemy has come, the Daesh. The so-called Islamic State has occupied in two years a big portion of the Iraqi territory; with the beginning of the civil war in Syria, and the Arab springs that mostly failed (exception for Tunisia), the clash nowadays looks very hard to stop. The Kurds in the north of Syria and Iraq, the Iraqi troops and the Giordan Monarchy are not strong enough to stop the Caliphate, that is spreading terror all over the Middle East. A US military contingent in the area would have stopped the escalation of the war, that is also affecting the relations between Sunnis and Shiites Muslims. If the international community won’t react, especially the United States, the chaos will shape the next future. Obama has two years to put the end on this.

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