Burkina Faso, Italy funds project for persons with disabilities

by Matteo Meloni

Twitter: @melonimatteo

ROME, FEBRUARY 22 – The Italian government has approved a €1.5 million project of inclusion for persons with disabilities in Burkina Faso. Italy’s move has the goal to help local communities in fostering lives’ conditions of those affected by physical problems in a historical partner country. Burkina Faso and Italian Cooperation are strongly linked thanks to more than 25 years of relationship, where Italy has financed around 107 million Euros during the years.


According to Burkina Faso’s National Institute of Statistics and Demography, 168,094 persons out of the country’s 14 million inhabitants are living with a physical, sensory, or mental disability. Much of the statistics is only collected in more densely populated provinces and towns and not in smaller rural communities. Handicap International, a French NGO, estimates that the number is as high as 7%.

This funding follows the recent Italian Cooperation’s contribution for the “Education and research in malariology” project which has guaranteed in almost 30 years Italy’s support to the plague.

In October 2016 Italian Prime Minister – then FM – Paolo Gentiloni hosted the President of Burkina Faso, Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, highlighting the political ties with Italy and the attention Rome pays to the whole of the Sahel region. The talks focused, among other issues, on relaunching the bilateral political and economic cooperation between the two countries, but most of all on security issues also from the regional perspective. The meeting underlined how Italian Cooperation plays a key-role in Burkina Faso which is Italy’s priority country in terms of governmental development assistance.

This article first appeared in Onuitalia, independent news site on Italy’s contribution to the life and ideals of the United Nations


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