Yemen, Italy funds IOM and UNFPA for interventions in favour of children and to prevent violence against women

by Matteo Meloni

Twitter: @melonimatteo

With a contribution of nearly one million euros Italy’s Cooperation service funds the International Organization for Migrants and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities for interventions in favor of children and to prevent violence against women. “It is a humanitarian contribution we are making to the areas of education and for the prevention and assistance to the victims of gender-based violence and it represents a tangible sign of solidarity and of the consideration that Italy has for the most vulnerable segments of the Yemeni people, who are the innocent victims of a conflict that has been going on for almost two years now”, said Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano in a statement.


Italy’s contributions to Yemen has the goal to aid the minors of displaced populations by rehabilitating school facilities and supporting teachers and students by providing school materials to the Governorates of Shabwah and di Lahj. In this framework, Italian Cooperation funded the IOM with €642,000.00.

In order to finance interventions in favor of the reproductive health of girls and young women, and for the prevention and assistance to the victims of gender-based violence, through counselling services, psychological support, gynecological emergency services, mobile clinics, and the distribution of hygiene kits, Italy supports UNFPA’s activities with €350,000.00.

During a meeting in late January at the UN Security Council Italy called for immediate cessation of hostility and humanitarian access, “indispensable elements to guarantee an improvement for local people’s conditions”, in the belief that an immediate ceasefire is the only way to improve Yemenis alarming and critical situation, followed by a political solution and the renewal of peace talks under the auspices of the United Nations.

The UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien warned on the risk of famine for 2017 if there is no immediate action. Data show that the situation is worsening especially for children, with 2.2 million boys and girls acutely malnourished: a 63% increase since late 2015. In his remarks, O’Brien said that 14 million people are food insecure, half of them are severely food insecure. “Yemeni are forced to miss meals and eat food with poor nutritional value. Children are going to bed hungry every night”. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen involves 18 million out of a total population of 27 million people.


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