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Brent Bozell: The Futility of a Third Bush

Politico, 10/08/2015

La famiglia Bush. Photo:

La famiglia Bush. Photo:

If Republicans nominate a third Bush to face a second Clinton, they will suffer their third consecutive loss in the battle for the White House. Each of those losses will have been rooted in one undeniable fact: a milquetoast, Washington establishment-backed nominee is unelectable.

Grassroots conservatives, rank-and-file Republicans and Tea Party supporters have figured this out. Since the Washington establishment blessed Jeb Bush with the title of front-runner last December, he has steadily lost support.

I know this base. I have worked with them for over three decades. I have raised tens of millions of dollars for Republican candidates only to see one after another betray the very constituents who put him (or her) in office.

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Thomas L. Friedman: My Question for the Republican Presidential Debate

The New York Times, 5/08/2015

If I got to ask one question of the presidential aspirants at Thursday’s Fox Republican debate, it would be this: “As part of a 1982 transportation bill,President Ronald Reagan agreed to boost the then 4-cent-a-gallon gasoline tax to 9 cents, saying, ‘When we first built our highways, we paid for them with a gas tax,’ adding, ‘It was a fair concept then, and it is today.’ Do you believe Reagan was right then, and would you agree to raise the gasoline tax by 5 cents a gallon today so we can pay for our highway bill, which is now stalled in Congress over funding?” Continua a leggere

Malise Ruthven: Inside the Islamic State

The New York Review of Books, 9/07/2015

In November 2001, two months after the al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, James Buchan, a novelist and a former Middle East correspondent, published an article in the London Guardian in which he imagined the triumphant entry into Mecca of Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted terrorist:

It was no ordinary evening, but possibly the holiest in the holiest month of Islam, the so-called Lailat al-Qadr, or the Night of Power, on which, according to the Koran, God’s revelation was sent down to the Prophet Mohammed…. More than 50,000 people had gathered on the hot pavement of the mosque enclosure and in the streets outside to pass the evening in prayer. Millions of others were watching on a live television broadcast at home.

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Yanis Varoufakis: Minister No More!, 6/07/2015

The referendum of 5th July will stay in history as a unique moment when a small European nation rose up against debt-bondage.

Like all struggles for democratic rights, so too this historic rejection of the Eurogroup’s 25th June ultimatum comes with a large price tag attached. It is, therefore, essential that the great capital bestowed upon our government by the splendid NO vote be invested immediately into a YES to a proper resolution – to an agreement that involves debt restructuring, less austerity, redistribution in favour of the needy, and real reforms. Continua a leggere

John Kassidy: Greece’s Debt Burden: The Truth Finally Emerges

The New Yorker, 3/07/2015

Just when you thought that the Greece saga had run out of plot twists, another one emerged on Thursday—and it was an important one. A few days before a referendum that will probably decide the fate of Greece’s Syriza government, one of the country’s creditors, the International Monetary Fund, came out and acknowledged that the stricken country is unlikely to recover until a good portion of its huge debt load is wiped out. Continua a leggere

Robyn Greswell and Bernard Haykel: Battle Lines

The New Yorker, 8/06/2015

October 11, 2014, according to Islamic State-affiliated Twitter accounts a woman going by the name Ahlam al-Nasr was married in the courthouse of Raqqa, Syria, to Abu Usama al-Gharib, a Vienna-born jihadi close to the movement’s leadership. ISIS social media rarely make marriage announcements, but al-Nasr and al-Gharib are a jihadi power couple. Al-Gharib is a veteran propagandist, initially for Al Qaeda and now for ISIS. His bride is a burgeoning literary celebrity, better known as “the Poetess of the Islamic State.” Her first book of verse, “The Blaze of Truth,” was published online last summer and quickly circulated among militant networks. Sung recitations of her work, performed a cappella, in accordance with ISIS’s prohibition on instrumental music, are easy to find on YouTube. “The Blaze of Truth” consists of a hundred and seven poems in Arabic—elegies to mujahideen, laments for prisoners, victory odes, and short poems that were originally tweets. Almost all the poems are written in monorhyme—one rhyme for what is sometimes many dozens of lines of verse—and classical Arabic metres. Continua a leggere

Iyad Abu Gharqoud: FIFA Should Give Israel the Red Card

The New York Times, 28/05/2015

BUREIJ, Gaza Strip — On Friday, the annual congress of FIFA, the governing body of world soccer, is scheduled to vote on a proposal to suspend Israel from the organization. The Palestine Football Association called for this measure because Israel prevents our national team from participating in normal training, travel and competition. If the corruption scandal now enveloping FIFA derails the vote, we will continue to press the issue. Continua a leggere

Seymour M. Hersh The Killing of Osama bin Laden

London Review of Books, 21/05/2015

It’s been four years since a group of US Navy Seals assassinated Osama bin Laden in a night raid on a high-walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The killing was the high point of Obama’s first term, and a major factor in his re-election. The White House still maintains that the mission was an all-American affair, and that the senior generals of Pakistan’s army and Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) were not told of the raid in advance. This is false, as are many other elements of the Obama administration’s account. The White House’s story might have been written by Lewis Carroll: would bin Laden, target of a massive international manhunt, really decide that a resort town forty miles from Islamabad would be the safest place to live and command al-Qaida’s operations? He was hiding in the open. So America said.

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Marwan Bishara ‘Islam at war’ vs ‘War within Islam’

Hurriyet Daily News, 29/04/2015

At this pace of events (so probably in a couple of decades), several Turkish ambassadors across the world will have to take forced spring vacations in Ankara. April 2015 was fairly smooth, with only two ambassadors (in Vatican City and Vienna) recalled – they probably bought return tickets, not one-way. The ambassadors in Berlin, Moscow andParis can stay; the countries they reside in happen to be outside of Turkey’s barking range. Continua a leggere